National PACE News

Denver Owner Finances Office Building Renovations With Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Largest C-PACE Deal Ever in the Country Closes in Utah
Pueblo Church Goes Solar with the Help of Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Developer Funds Construction of Condominiums With the Help of Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Major Rehabilitation of Thornton Office Building Funded by Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Palisade Partners to use Colorado C-PACE to finance its New Mixed-use Project in Denver
Denver Office Building to Receive Major Upgrades Through Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Medical Office Building to Receive Boiler Upgrade Through Colorado’s C-PACE Program
The Forum Building to Receive Energy Efficiency Upgrades Through Colorado’s C-PACE Program
Real Estate Investment Firm Finances Energy Efficiency Measures Through Colorado’s C-PACE Program
PACE for Residential and Commercial Renewable Energy Projects—What is it?
Renovate America Welcomes Morningstar’s Positive Verdict on PACE Financing
Solar’s bright future seen in financing options
BPI Supports Strong Consumer Protection in Residential PACE Financing Programs
Energy Dept. Releases Residential PACE Financing Guidelines
New PACE Guidance Takes Effect Tomorrow
PACE Energy Loans Are Nothing to Fear
Sunnier Days Could be Ahead for PACE Programs
United States Guideline Enables Residential PACE