Here’s what Contractors and  building owners are saying about C-PACE  projects


Connecticut Contractor Testimonial

“After enjoying considerable success with Connecticut’s C-PACE program, we are excited to begin working with businesses in Rhode Island under their new C-PACE program. Solar PV systems can provide significant savings, particularly with the 30% investment tax credit, and make businesses more profitable and competitive.”

– Connecticut Solar PV Contractor

Nonprofit Testimonial

Project: Energy efficiency retrofit

“We had a building that was very outdated and needed a complete retrofit of its heating and air conditioning systems. C-PACE allowed us to make those upgrades and make it a useable building again.”

–Bill Fegley, Managing Director, Helping Hands Community Partners

On-Site Dry Cleaner Testimonial

Project: Solar PV

“C-PACE program is a brilliant program run by the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank that actually allows us to finance 100 percent of the project.”

– Larry Fish, Owner, Pier Cleaners

Industrial-Owner Testimonial

Project: Solar PV

“The C-PACE program allowed me to access low-cost and long-term financing to further support our desire to deploy solar energy and stabilize our energy costs over the long term.”

– Paul Breglin, President, Crest Mechanical

Retail-Owner Testimonial

Project: Solar PV

“Solar has been a very important goal for many years but we didn’t think it would be possible or affordable for us. Once the C-PACE program came in we saw a big opportunity. C-PACE made it so simple and really worthwhile.”

– Joanna Hunt, Owner, Shagbark Lumber

YMCA-Owner Testimonial

Project: Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

“If you can have a better system that is cleaner, more efficient, that saves you money – that’s exciting. There was no out-of-pocket expense and no recurring expense because the savings from this new energy source will pay for the financing. This isn’t just about the YMCA winning it’s about the community as a whole winning.”

– John Benigni, CEO, Meriden YMCA

Church-Owner Testimonial

Project: Boiler

“I dread October every year – here we go again I have to turn this furnace on. It got to the point where I had to pray it stayed on. When I found out about C-PACE, I just couldn’t believe that it was true. C-PACE has really come to our rescue. I don’t have to worry about that furnace any longer.”

– Bishop John Thompson & Co-Pastor Jenice Lloyd-Thompson, Calvary Temple Center

Recreation-Owner Testimonial

Project: Solar PV, LED lighting

“The C-PACE program is so valuable in terms of the financial aspect of putting solar on your roof. Every investment I made whether it was energy efficiency or solar came together in one package and C-PACE financing made that very simple. The analysis was tremendous, the people were wonderful and the process was very quick.”

– Peter Corbett, President & CEO, Insports

Nonprofit-Owner Testimonial

Project: Boiler

“By taking advantage of the innovations in C-PACE financing, the Bushnell Theater is not only able to make this long-overdue replacement with no up-front expenditure, but we will actually realize a positive cash flow.”

– David Fay, CEO, Bushnell Center

Office-Owner Testimonial

Project: HVAC, controls, windows, VFDs

“Energy efficiency is always something we strive for, but due to the size and scope of this particular project, it would not have been possible without C-PACE. The end result will be better comfort for our tenants and a much improved physical asset.”

– Brandon Hall, Principal, Forstone Capital

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