Rhode Island golf club celebrates move to solar energy

SOUTH KINGSTOWN – The Laurel Lane Country Club on Tuesday celebrated its new solar panel clusters that are expected to eventually provide all of the country club’s electricity needs.

“I just wanted to make a statement,” Joe Videtta, the club’s owner, told Providence Business News. “No one’s ever done this before that I know of – at least not in my business.”

The public course in South Kingstown features 14 arrays of solar panels, which track the sun’s movement, in a field near the course. The panels are expected to start producing electricity in coming weeks, Videtta said.

The panels will allow the club to convert its fleet of gasoline-powered golf carts to electric carts, according to the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, which coordinated financing for the project. Over the next 25 years, the solar facility is projected to save the country club up to $1.3 million in energy costs. That’s much more than the project’s $500,000 development cost, project officials said.

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